The Mauritius Tourism Authority is a parastatal body operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Tourism and External Communications and is governed by the Tourism Authority Act 2006 (as subsequently amended). Indeed, Section 3 of the Tourism Authority Act provides for the “Establishment of the Mauritius Tourism Authority” which stipulates that:

Objects of the Mauritius Tourism Authority

The Objects of the Authority are to:

Functions of the Mauritius Tourism Authority

With a view to furthering and attaining these objects, the Authority fulfils a number of Functions including the following:

Key Activities of the Mauritius Tourism Authority

The Authority is responsible for the issue of licences for the carrying out of various activities in the Tourism Sector as well as for their regulation. In this respect, the Authority receives, processes and issues the following licences:

In addition, the Authority is also responsible for the Cleaning and Embellishment Programme to maintain areas and roads where tourists frequently pass by or visit. Key functions of this programme involve cleaning, greening, embellishing and removal of eyesores in line with the objective to maintain Mauritius as an upmarket destination.