A Pleasure Craft Licence (PCL) is issued to a vessel used for fishing as a sport, for water sports, or pleasure purposes and includes a recreational platform. Pedal boats, canoes, kayaks, surfboats or non-motorized rubber inflatable boats are not regarded as pleasure crafts. Pleasure crafts licences are issued either for a private purpose or for a commercial purpose.

Fees for Pleasure Craft Licence (commercial and private use) 

All documents submitted should be in the name of the applicant.

Application for Post Contruction Assessment

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Main Policies


       1. Delay for Replacement of Craft

        The replacement of Pleasure Craft by existing owners should be effected within a period of one year, failing which the licence number would be  cancelled.


       2. Length

         There is NO restriction on the length of new craft to be replaced


         Application for Private Pleasure Craft is accepted in restricted zones subject to submission of a title deed or state lease agreement on applicant's name (as proof of ownership).


  1. Foreign investment threshold in the pleasure craft sector should be of the order of Rs.20 million
  2. any innovative project from foreign investors should be examined on its own merit irrespective of the quantum of investment; and
  3. foreign investment in any existing pleasure craft project should be limited to 30% as it is currently the case in diving centre


         An "innovative activity" in the Pleasure Craft Sector refers to:

        (a)  any activity that does not exist in Mauritius;

        (b)  any technological advancement used in connection with the operation of an existing activity that contributes towards the upgrading of the activity;

        (c)   exclusive services provided to an existing activity that upgrades the standard of the activity to a higher level; and

        (d)   eco-friendly activities that meet the sustainability needs of the industry through the use of non-polluting equipment, practices and processes.