The Tourist Enterprise Licence which was issued by the Tourism Authority for hotel, guesthouse and tourist residence has been replaced by a Tourist Accommodation Certificate, following an amendment brought to the Tourism Authority Act through the Finance and Miscellaneous Act 2015

A Tourist Accommodation Certificate means –

The Tourist Accommodation Certificate is an omnibus certificate combining such facilities and services as restaurant, beauty parlour, health and fitness, spa and wellness, boathouse, shops, boutiques and bar, operated by a hotel, guesthouse, tourist residence. Henceforth, four (4) types of Hotel Certificate, 3 types of Guesthouse/Tourist Residence Certificate and (2) types of Domaine Certificate are issued as specified hereunder
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The Tourist Accommodation Certificate will be valid for a period of three (3) consecutive years. However payment of fees may be effected on a yearly basis or for a period of three (3) years.


Application form - Tourist Accomodation License

Renewal Form of TEL and TAC  

Checklist for New Application for Tourist Accomodation Certificate 

Checklist for Renewal of TEL and TAC - Oct 2021

Employee Information Form 

Checklist for Variation of TAC - Oct 2021

Checklist for New Application following Decease of a Licensee  

Checklist for Change in Compay Structure


Application Guide for issue of letter of Approval/Clearance from Ministry of Tourism for projects wrt the accommodation sector