Safety and security are crucial for both tourists and Mauritians for the sound development of the tourism industry. The Tourism Authority wishes to draw the attention of the public in general, and pleasure craft operators and skippers in particular, that, at all times, they should strictly comply with all applicable safety and security measures at sea. These measures are as follows:

  1. To ensure that all persons on board a commercial pleasure craft (PC) navigating outside the lagoon wear Personal Floatation Devices, such as Lifejackets (SOLAS), self-rescue bracelets, inflatable belt packs.
  2. To navigate within the prescribed speed limit in each zone.
  3. Not to embark more than the authorized number of persons (including crew) as specified for each craft
  4. Not to operate a pleasure craft dangerously in any navigational area, or at a speed or in a manner which is dangerous to the public.
  5. Not to operate a pleasure craft in any navigational area without due care and attention by imprudence, negligence or non-observance of regulations.

Non-compliance with the above safety and security measures, and with existing guidelines, conditions to licence, code of practice and legislations in force, will entail contraventions being established, the suspension of the skipper’s licence and commercial pleasure craft licence and seizure of the pleasure craft.

The Tourism Authority hereby calls for the understanding and collaboration of all stakeholders to ensure that all pleasure craft activities are carried out in a safe, secure and responsible manner for the benefits of all.